A train starts from rest at station 1

A train starts from rest at station A and accelerates at 0.5 m/s^2 for 60 s. Afterwards it travels with a constant velocity for 15 min. It then decelerates at 1 m/s^2 until it is brought to rest at station B. Determine the distance between the stations.


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Let us first figure out how far the train traveled while it is accelerating during the 60 seconds. We can use the following kinematics equation to figure it out.


(Where s is final displacement, s_0 is initial displacement, v_0 is initial velocity, t is time, and a is constant acceleration)

Let us substitute the values we know:



(Here, the initial velocity is 0 m/s since the train starts from rest, and the initial displacement is zero since that will be our origin)

s=900 m


We now need to find the velocity of the train after accelerating. It can be found using the following kinematics equation:


(Where v is final velocity, v_0 is initial velocity, a is acceleration and t is time)


v=30 m/s


Since the train traveled at constant velocity for 15 mins (900 seconds), we can figure out the distance traveled using the equation we used before.



(Here, our initial displacement is 0 because that will be our origin, the acceleration is also 0 because the train is traveling at constant velocity)

s=27000 m


Let us now calculate the distance traveled by the train while it decelerated. We can use the following kinematic equation:


(Where v is final velocity, v_0 is initial velocity, a is constant acceleration, s is final displacement, and s_0 is initial displacement)


Substitute the values we know:


(Here, our final velocity is 0 m/s because the train comes to a stop. The acceleration is negative because the train is slowing down, and our initial velocity is 30 m/s since we found the value in the previous step. Also note that our initial displacement is 0 m since it is our origin)

s=450 m


Thus, the total distance traveled (distance between the two stations) is 900 + 27000 + 450 = 28350 m = 28.35 km. 


This question can be found in Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (SI edition), 13th edition, chapter 12, question 12-15.

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