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As the name of our website indications, we provide full, complete solutions to questions you find in your textbooks! This website is run by a few university students who in their free time actually solve these questions from their own textbooks. So yes, that means there might be a mistake somewhere in our solution, whether it’s a simple calculation error or we did something completely wrong. It’s important to know that once we finish answering a question, a few of us check the answer, so the probability of an answer being wrong is very low, but don’t forget, we are only humans, and humans do tend to make mistakes. If you catch a mistake in a solution, send us a message through the comments, or through the contact us page. We actually do read all of your messages and we try to improve our website using your feedback.


So why did we start doing this? It’s actually very simple. We use textbooks every day, and we answer the questions in them. Once we answer them, we turn to the back of the book and check to see if our answer matches the book’s answer. Most of the time it does (except for those sad, sad days!) and sometimes, it doesn’t. Once we know our answer doesn’t match, we try to figure out what’s wrong but sometimes, we just can’t seem to find the problem. Logically, we all turn to Google (or any search engine, but really, don’t we all just use google nowadays?) and we try to look for a solution. We see multiple forum sites and we go through half answers and clues (because they don’t like giving an answer, they want us to figure it out), and then we see those sites that say, “pay us and we will show you the answer.” That in itself is the problem. One day, we got really tired of trying to figure out a question (and we didn’t want to pay money to see a solution), and so we decided, let’s make a website where we answer the questions we see in our textbooks. Thus, Question Solutions was born!


This website is here to help students gain insight into the questions they are solving. We know personally, that sometimes, the answer given in a textbook is simply just a number, or an equation, but shows nothing about how to get there. All of our answers are completely FREE! We solve each question, and we create the solution diagrams that we believe will best help support our answer, and we try to write out the answer in a manner that makes it easy for you to understand. Our goal is simply to give solutions to questions you face in textbooks in a manner that will teach you and help you pass your tests and exams.


You can also help! On our website, you can click on “Submit Your Answer” and provide us with your solution to any question you’ve solved in a textbook. That way, we can add that into our collection of answers and hopefully, another student will find it helpful.


Our goal is to cover as many subjects as possible. We will continue to add as many solutions to questions as we can, and we will try to add more subject topics, such as biology, chemistry, physics, calculus and more. We are also creating video solutions to questions as well, and hope this will help students who learn more by watching someone solve a question than simply reading it out.


Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope it helped you!

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