An oxide of tungsten 1

An oxide of tungsten (symbol W) is a bright yellow solid. If 5.34 g of the compound contains 4.23 g of tungsten, what is its empirical formula?


We will first calculate the moles of tungsten (W) and oxygen (O).

An oxide of tungsten


\text{Mol W} = 4.23\,g\text{ W}\times \frac{1\text{mol W}}{183.84\, g\text{ W}}

\text{Mol W} =0.02301\text{mol}


\text{Mol O} = (5.34-4.23)\,g\, \text{O}\times \frac{1\text{mol O}}{16.00\, g\, \text{O}}

\text{Mol O} =0.06938\text{mol}


Now, we will divide each by the smaller number of moles, which will lead us to an integer value for the empirical formula.




With this result, we can safely say that the empirical formula is \text{WO}_3


This question can be found in General Chemistry, 9th edition, chapter 3, question 3.66

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