The power absorbed by the BOX is

The power absorbed by the BOX is 0.1e^{-4t} W. Calculate the energy absorbed by the BOX during this same time interval.

The power absorbed by the BOX is

Image from: J. D. Irwin and R. M. Nelms, Basic engineering circuit analysis, 10th ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley, 2011.


To solve this question, we must remember the following equation:

\,\displaystyle W=\int^{t_2}_{t_1}p\,dt

(Where, W is energy, and p is power)


Substitute the power equation:

\,\displaystyle W=\int^{\infty}_{0}0.1e^{-4t}\,dt


W=0.025 J


This question can be found in Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 10th edition, chapter 1, question 1.14.

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